Let’s Work Together

At W Employment Law, we are welcome referrals for attorney employment law.

We have devoted ourselves to our expertise in employment law. We have implemented the importance of an attorney knowing when it is appropriate to continue to help a client or not. As an attorney, you want to make any litigation for your clients as seamless as possible.

If necessary, we want to make sure that the referral process of referring clients here or co-collaboration is as simple as possible.

Below we have set up two options to ensure clients are immediately taken care of. Out of the two options listed below, it is up to the referring attorney to determine what option is in the client’s best interest.

Refer A Case and Win

Direct Referral to W Employment Law :

Referring attorneys who handle their client’s case from beginning to end receive 25% of our fee once the case is settled.

Co-Counsel with W Employment Law :

Attorneys who are actively engaged in their client’s case but believe the expertise and advice of other employment lawyers would be beneficial for their client should deem the help of the employment lawyers at W law as co-counsel. Contingent on the extensiveness of our referral partnerships, we are always willing to pay generous referral fees to our attorney colleagues. For cases where we take over the entire case, referral fees may be lower.

This option is ideal for attorneys who want to collaborate with experienced attorneys rather than solely refer them out. The attorney will receive referral fees while learning litigation skills from other attorneys.

Are You a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

At W law, we have extensive experience with applicant attorneys. This does not affect the treatment of the employment claim as this is still a profitable source of income.

What Types of Cases Do You Accept?

The firm handles all areas of employment and labor law inc luding:

Are Attorney Referral Fees Allowed in California?

California allows lawyers to collect a referral fee simply for handing a case over to a different lawyer, even if they have never formally participated in the legal case. It seems fairly straightforward but there are also things that must be done in order to make sure you are not violating any of the California rules of professional conduct.

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