California Medical Leave / Disability Discrimination Lawyer

In California, you are considered disabled if you have a condition that limits one or more major life activities, i.e. the condition or disability limits (makes more difficult) your ability to engage in a major life activity such as breathing, seeing, walking, caring for yourself, working, socializing, reading, eating, digesting, hearing, speaking, etc. Disabilities can be physical or mental such as developmental disorders, organic brain syndrome, emotional or mental illness, or specific learning disabilities. They can be readily apparent such as being wheelchair-bound, using a cane, being disfigured or having an amputated body part, or they can be subtle such as medical issues, heart problems, breathing difficulties, depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal difficulties, sleep apnea, etc.

If you are a victim of unlawful workplace discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination as a result of your medical issue or disability, we can help you in multiple ways.

# 1 We Will Make It Stop

If you hire our firm early enough in the process, we can sometimes convince your employer to intervene on your behalf. The offending supervisor may be fired or relocated, or if you desire, you may be moved to a different location. We’ll help you through the process, and make sure your employer follows the law throughout.

#2 Negotiate an Exit

In many medical leave and disability discrimination cases, our clients simply want “out.” We can often negotiate an exit package that will protect your reputation as a good employee, protect your access to unemployment benefits, negotiate potential severance options and your ability to get a new job.

#3 File a Lawsuit

If your employer is not willing to cooperate and negotiate an out-of-court resolution, a lawsuit may be in your best interest. We will discuss with you all the risks and possible benefits involved so that you will know what to expect, and decide whether or not you want to sue your employer.