Medical Leave Disability

To be considered an individual with a disability in California, you must have one or more conditions limiting major life activities. For example, this condition must limit your ability to engage in activities such as walking, breathing, eating, hearing, seeing, working, and even socializing. Disabilities are not limited to physical limitations, but also include mental disabilities such as learning disabilities, emotional or mental illness, developmental disorders, and organic brain syndrome. These disabilities can be as explicit as the necessity to use a wheelchair, using a cane, or being disfigured or can be as indistinct as depression, heart problems, breathing difficulties, or even sleep apnea.

If you have a disability and are a victim of unlawful harassment, discrimination, or termination because of your medical issue or disability, we at SW Employment Law Group are here to help you.

  • The discrimination will be put to an end. If we are able to intervene promptly, our experienced employment lawyers may be able to persuade the intervention of your employer on your behalf. If desired, you or your supervisor can be relocated to a different location or your supervisor may even be fired. At SW Employment Law Group, we will guide you through the entire process and ensure that your offending employer adheres to the law.
  • Negotiate a withdrawal. If clients do not want to see the litigation of a discrimination case through, they may just request a way “out.” Our employment layers are able to negotiate a deal that protects your reputation as an employee, unemployment benefits, ability to get a new job, and potential compensation options.
  • File a Lawsuit. If your offending employer is non-cooperative and is unwilling to negotiate an out-of-court settlement, a lawsuit may be to your advantage. With an experienced employment lawyer, you will be able to discuss the possible consequences and benefits and process of suing your employer.


At the end of it all, you can rest easy knowing that at SW Employment Law Group we will not rest until you are rightfully served!