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If Your Employer Violated Your Rights, We Can Help!

If Your Employer Violated Your Rights, We Can Help!

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Maybe. Employment laws in California are complex and it’s important to have an experienced employment attorney review your individual case. Many factors may affect whether or not you have a case, and more importantly, whether or not it’s in your best interest to pursue it. After you fill out our free case evaluation form or call us, our team of attorneys will review your information to see if we can help. There is no cost or obligation to you to have us review your case. We don’t want to waste your time and only take cases we think we can help you with. Whether or not we can help, we’ll let you know your options.
0 unless we recover compensation for you. We take cases on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay any upfront fees or costs. If we negotiate a settlement from your employer or win your case in court, our fee comes out of the recovery from the employer. If we didn’t win your case, you owe absolutely nothing.
We may still be able to help guide you through your options, even if you still work for your employer. Call us or fill out our free case evaluation form.
No. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple letter to your employer. We will go over all your options with you to determine the best course of action for each individual situation. If a long-drawn out legal process isn’t in your best interest, we’ll let you know upfront.

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Mr. Whitehead is a wonderful attorney. He was very patient and suited all my needs in what I was looking for in representation. If I ever need an employment law firm again, I would definitely use Whitehead Employment Law.


Jacob Whitehead’s handling of my case was expedient, prompt and handled in a timely fashion. Jake’s professionalism went above and beyond all my expectations. He’s a delightful attorney and more than that, a delightful human and soul.


Mr. Whitehead was so knowledgeable about everything that I didn’t know or understand. I found him and his staff very easy to trust. I constantly called them and they always returned my calls. It was very reassuring how he kept me in the loop. He handled my case very smoothly.


I really appreciate the work Jacob did in my case. He was very knowledgeable and at times felt like a therapist helping me through a very stressful situation. I trusted his advice and his work and kept in touch with him for over a year after the case was resolved. I highly recommend him and his staff.



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